What Olympic athlete doesn’t have a coach?
What extremely successful person in the world today hasn’t had someone to assist them get there or go to a new level ?
Why do we have coaches/mentors in the sporting & business worlds and for our personal lives if they make no difference?
How do you expect things to change if nothing changes?

Jeremy combines his wealth of knowledge and success acquired from his sport, business and life experience as well as his qualifications as a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Matrix Therapies (ABNLP) in order to help you achieve way above your expectations; to facilitate you to see change where you want it and need it; and to help you enjoy every aspect of your life and have the life that not only you want, but that makes a difference – a life that counts !

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Jeremy works in 3 main areas

1. Executive coaching
2. Athlete peak performance coaching
3. Life coaching

Jeremy only works with a small number of people every year

Jeremy only has the time to work with a few select people every year so if you’re serious about change / peak performance / achieving your goals / living the life you dream, then Jeremy can help you. If that's you then contact me here.

The Process

With these committed clients, Jeremy will look to set up a process you’ll enjoy to help you win. Every process depends on the individual client of course, but the process might include:

- Personal decision - ensuring you have arrived at a place of personal decision and commitment to do this.
- Vision - creating a vision for your life and establishing your 'why'.
- Limiting mindsets - helping you deal with fears, blockages and limiting beliefs (including using NLP tools).
- Clarity - defining what you want, how much you want it and why you want it.
- Definition of Success - defining your own personal definition of success.
- Planning - creating a plan to do this. Goal-setting effectively and time-lining.
- A toolbox - tools, techniques and strategies (both physical and psychological) to help you actually do this.
- Accountability - ensuring as your coach you are committed and holding you accountable to the promises you made.
- Critique - measuring your progress, re-evaluating goals and making new ones.
- Enjoying the journey - making sure you're having fun and ensuring you enjoy the journey.
- Perspective - ensuring we never lose sight of the bigger picture, why you're doing this and what really counts.

It wont happen overnight though. Just as an athlete can’t build muscle overnight, nor will change just happen. It is the difference between; trying vs committing; dabbling vs consistency; or giving up vs persevering. 

Everyone has the desire to have the life they want but very few are prepared to work for it and commit to see lasting change and to ultimately go after their dreams (whatever they are and whatever the measure of success for that person is).
These are the people Jeremy will consider coaching. If you're one of them then please get in contact as I look forward to helping you achieve your goals and create an amazing life.

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