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bookA Life that Counts

Find out why other books didn’t change you – and this one will !

A Life that Counts doesn’t just show what success is, it reveals how to make it happen in your life. After all knowing what to do and being able to do it are two entirely different things.In this book, two-time Olympian Jeremy Rolleston reveals the step-by-step processes, strategies, psychology, and techniques used by Olympic and World champions.

You’ll come away from this book with an exciting vision of your potential and the confidence, knowledge, strategies and tools needed to successfully follow your dreams and live a magnificent, authentic, and purposeful life.

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A Life that Counts Workbook

This workbook is the perfect companion to the book.

To help make the book come alive in your own day to day life !!!

Use the insights, tools and exercises contained inside to reflect, ponder, dream discover, plan, decide, record and celebrate … to help you create the life you dream.

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