In his own unique style Jeremy shares stories of determination and perseverance from set backs to success that will inspire and entertain. He encourages others to look at their lives, realize and follow their dreams, and leaves the audience feeling empowered, inspired, motivated and determined to take the next step to actually make this happen.

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Suggested Presentation Topics  

Dare to Dream - My Story
Let me share my story with you - the highs and lows. The successes and failures. The inspiration and the setbacks. Brushes with royalty. Rugby in Italy. Cool Runnings. Olympic Games. 
Then let me share some life lessons for chasing your dreams without regret and living the life you always wanted.
The Corporate Athlete /
The Psychology of Success /
Peak Performance

Why are champions champions? What makes successful people successful? Tools, strategies, lessons and stories from elite athletes (including Olympic and World Champions) that transcend sport into your business and your life in general and that will make a tangible practical difference to your success, performance and achieving your goals.

Goal Setting - the Olympians way
Knowing what you want, setting realistic and planned goals and staying motivated to achieve them. The power of goal-setting that we often dismiss.
See some actual goal-setting of Olympic Champions.
Also the secret sauce - what no-one tells you or has shown you with regard to goal setting that will make all the difference!
Impossible is Nothing - Desire into Action Once you know what you want, then what? How to you develop an unshakeable belief? How do you ignore that little voice in your head? How do you control your emotions? How do you develop habits and effective daily patterns. Understanding and using the powerful motivational tools and strategies used by Olympians to help make this happen. Including the secret sauce no-one tells you that makes all the difference and you can apply in your life. How to go from a dream and talk, to action, to achieved.
Leadership Leadership is the answer and leadership is the problem. Understanding good leadership and putting it into practice. What I've learnt through all my sporting days and business experiences packed together for you.

Your presentation could be a combination of any of these or on a specific topic tailored to your audience. I look forward to discussing your requirements to ensure you get exactly what you’re after and ensure a fantastic experience for all concerned.

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