“Jeremy Rolleston is one of Australia’s most unique athletes, having played in the top tier of professional rugby and then switching sports to represent Australia in Bobsleigh at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino – where he steered the ‘green machine’ two-man bob to the equal best result in Australian Olympic history. No other Australian athlete has ‘packed down’ in professional rugby and then risked their life sliding through an ice shaft at 150km/h – and gone back for more. Jeremy is a first class motivational speaker, who presents with passion, excitement and a strong sense of pride and humility. He easily connects with any audience, large or small, to business people and children alike with his unique stories and energetic style. Jeremy offers a range of presentations and continues to work with the AOC, adding enthusiasm and enjoyment to many of our events.”
James Edwards, General Manager, Australian Olympic Committee

“Jeremy came to speak at a function for our operational mangers. I had read about his achievements and expected him to be quite a motivating speaker however he delivered beyond my expectations. The feedback from all of the managers, without exception, was fantastic. They were inspired by his determination and focus and impressed with how Jeremy was able to link the lessons he learnt from his success in sport to success in business. Jeremy worked very closely with us prior to the presentation to find out exactly what our needs were. He listened and his presentation definitely hit the mark!  The key lessons that our managers walked away with and are still talking about today is that it takes commitment and teamwork to achieve success.”
Mandy Diamond, Performance and Development, ING Australia

“Our girls were transfixed and focussed during Jeremy’s sessions. I could see them start to sit up straighter and higher in their seats. The attention was sharp and not because Jeremy demanded that. He just made them want to listen. He was interesting, passionate and believable.  Jeremy inspired them.  The girls were jump-started to a new level of what is possible.”
Victor Anfiloff, Head Coach, Netherlands women’s Beach Volleyball team

“I approached Jeremy to come in and speak to our staff on sporting injuries prevention and wellness. His approach was engaging and hands on whilst also providing a motivating and moving seminar for those who attended. His knowledge and expertise were not only evident in the seminar he presented but also in the following practical personal training lesson he delivered to our staff. Many of our staff commented on how his approach and delivery exceeded their expectations in the days following his visit.  I would definitely look to have Jeremy back to speak where we can in the future.”
Ryan Achurch, Human Resources, CBA

At times it can be difficult for presenters to engage athletes in workshops regarding “mental preparation and psychology” as many athletes would prefer to be out there training, performing and not thinking about it … Jeremy managed to keep the athletes engaged with his wealth of knowledge, experience and facilitation skills … combined with Jeremy’s passion, common sense and practical approach … the athletes walked away with an enhanced skill set in visualisation, mental toughness, and a toolbox of mental strategies to better their performance. Jeremy is first class.”
Troy Baverstock, NSW Institute of Sport

“We have had Jeremy speak a number of times to us at SMEC – both to senior management as well as staff in general. We could not have been happier. In fact we hope to have him back again. Jeremy is an outstanding speaker with not only a wealth of experience in both business and sport, but an undeniable passion and vision for success. He has the ability to communicate deeply rooted experiences and captivate his audience regardless of their background. His understanding of both social realms and psychology make the delivery of his presentations intriguing and relevant to every listener. Jeremy’s professionalism and ability to engage with the audience is what makes him a highly sought after speaker over a range of topics. Any corporate organization would highly benefit from Jeremy’s perspectives, insights and words of wisdom.”
Agnes Durlick, Business Development, SMEC Australia Pty Ltd

“Jeremy Rolleston’s workshop is an experience that no elite athlete should go without. So many athletes focus on their physical training and forget the importance of that mental edge. Jeremy’s workshop is probably the best mental training I’ve ever done, and the book is just as good! I have no doubt the techniques I learnt from Jeremy and his workshops will get me on the Olympic podium!.”
Joe Carty, Australian Swimming Team

“It was a privilege to have Jeremy speak to our mature-age students during our national roadshow. Jeremy is an engaging presenter who is able to inspire all walks of life. His message includes the perfect balance of real-life experiences and practical tools to help you succeed. The feedback was extremely positive – and our students don’t give that lightly.”
Cherie Diaz, Head of Learning and Support, Ivy College

“Jeremy’s presentations was very dynamic and he came across in a very authentic manner when sharing his sporting achievements. This combined with his credibility in the business world makes him a very engaging and motivating speaker. His learnings provided to us as 7 steps which he named ‘The Corporate Athlete’ were very educational and can be applied to both work and home life. He certainly makes you take a step back and reflect on life and realize that anything is achievable!
Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“We have had the pleasure of having Jeremy Rolleston sit on our trusted board of members since 2009. Since that time he has been a valuable source of wisdom and insight in our planning and strategy. He has been instrumental in initiating key business relationships for us. I would highly recommend Jeremy as a personal or business coach, because he lives what he preaches.”
Terrence Mullings, Executive Producer, Positive Hits Ministries

“Jeremy is a passionate and engaging speaker who has the ability to catch the attention of students in a remarkable way. He speaks extremely well in both a small group setting as well as in front of a larger audience. Our boys were extremely challenged by his words and continued to speak about his talk in the days following Jermey’s visit. Thank you Jeremy for the positive impact you have had on many of our students.”
Martin Wilson, The Kings School

“In the foundational years of our business, we were very privileged to have access to invaluable business wisdom and strategic coaching from Jeremy, via our pre-existing personal relationship. What we love about Jeremy is that he listens. He genuinely sought to understand our business and personal motivations, presenting with clarity a number of expertly conceived strategic options, broken down into very practical steps. I can directly accredit many of our greatest early strides forward in business to Jeremy’s insights. Thankyou Jeremy”
Todd Sotheren, Director, Creation Theory

“I recently contacted Jeremy Rolleston for his business coaching service. His relaxed, positive approach, professionalism and creative methods inspired worthy discussions. He listened to the way my business operates, ideas I had and the direction I wanted to take the business. Jeremy put forward excellent marketing ideas, business structure and operating concepts which have been implemented and adopted with great results. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.”
Scott Allen, Owner, Scott Sign – Signs and Graphics

“Jeremy is an inspiring, passionate and motivating speaker who was able to communicate and relate his story and the framework of successful people in a simple, down to earth and easy to understand way. Despite many setbacks he was able to be successful through his clear and focused approach to goal setting, both short term and long term. He is a great example of what can be achieved through determination, hard work and going after your dreams. My team was able to use the strategies discussed in the presentation in our day to day business whilst at the same time being challenged to live our own lives to the full and follow our own dreams ”
Adam Weale, Executive Director – Goldman Sachs, former Head of Distribution – Next Financial Limited

“Jeremy Rolleston is an inspiring and engaging public speaker. He presented in a confident and relaxed style, demonstrating an excellent balance between conveying a message and delivering the humour and personalised touch that connected with his audience. The response of the staff at our meeting to Jeremy’s presentation, both at the time and subsequently was fantastic. I have no hesitation in recommending Jeremy, whose capacity to talk in relation to sport, his own experiences, the importance of training, dedication, commitment and team work, is simply first-class.”
Philip Wade, NSW Marketing Manager, AGI

“All of us at some stage experience disappointment and see dreams shattered. Jeremy’s message is a powerful and inspirational story of overcoming disappointment through perseverance, faith, focus and a hard work. Through his journey as an elite athlete and corporate professional, Jeremy is able to relate to all walks of life and challenge each of us to dare to dream big and re-evaluate difficult circumstances and see them for the opportunity they can become.” 
Chris Zaarour, National Director, Compassion Australia

“Members and colleagues of the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors gave our annual conference a great start with his engaging personality and by delivering his inspiring story of his experience in achieving through knowledge and skills.opportunity they can become.” 
Bill Burns, Executive Officer, Australian Institute of Building Surveyors

“Sensational. A truly inspirational guy and story, and he and his workshops make a difference !” 
Peter Acheson, CEO, Peoplebank

“If you want to be inspired to get off your butt and make a change to how you live your life and live it at 110% get Jeremy into your life !” 
Attendee – Workshop

“Jeremy’s enthusiasm and belief in himself is infectious. his ability to pass on his knowledge and the tools to achieve success is second to none. Thankyou Jeremy.” 
Attendee – Workshop

“Jeremy is a high successful individual both on and off the sporting field.  He is down to earth and his presentation about overcoming adversity was inspirational and offered some very practical takeaways for people to follow their own dreams. To keep the attention of 30 senior executives who were on their last night of a 1200km charity bike ride from Melbourne to Sydney is not easy. The feedback was excellent and his book was a hit. Thank you.” 
John Ward, CEO, Chain Reaction Challenge Foundation

“Jeremy was a great choice as speaker and we would definitely consider using him again. He established a very good rapport with participants and in fact 22 out of 25 participants rated him 5 out of 5!”
Sue Izatt, Australasian Mutual Institute

“Thanks again for coming to speak to our kids. They are still raving! And those with signatures in their books definitely can’t stop raving! My students have definitely been inspired and I can’t wait to start goal setting with them. Thank you again.”
Emily Signorini, Year 12 co-ordinator, Casula High

“Jeremy is a knowledgeable, passionate and engaging speaker. I have had him come to our school and speak on a number of occasions and to various aged kids. It doesn’t matter whether he is speaking to a large audience or a small audience or to younger kids or older kids – the kids are engaged and inspired. In fact I’ve also had a number of teachers say how much they got out of his talks! It is clear Jeremy speaks from experience and we count it as a privilege to have someone of his calibre make time to come and speak to us. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”
Huon Barrett, Head of PDHPE, Kinross Wolaroi School