Why Jeremy Rolleston ?

There is no substitute for experience, and there is no experience like the intensity of elite competition whether that be in sport, business, politics or other fields of endeavour. So whether it is as a speaker, a coach, an author or personally, there is no doubt that Jeremy Rolleston speaks with the authority of experience and success. This is not theory. Jeremy has done it and has the ability, knowledge and passion to make a difference in your life.

My Background

Athlete Two-time Olympian. Represented Australia in 2 sports (rugby, bobsleigh). Australian record holder
Businessman Previously General Manager – Institutional Business – Perpetual Investments
Previously Executive Director – Goldman Sachs JBWere investment bank
Coach Certified practictioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Matrix Therapies.
Coach for a select committed few.
Person Motivational and keynote speaker
Author of ‘A Life That Counts’
Scholarship winner to both high school and university
Founder / producer of the Propeller Fashion Show (one of Sydney’s largest fashion shows at that time)
Ambassador – Global Poverty ProjectAustralia Day

My Vision

To inspire others to believe in their dreams, to have the conviction and guts to follow their dreams, and to live an influential, hope filled life that makes a difference not just for themselves but in their sphere of influence and in the world at large.

My Values

Passion to love what I do and use this energy to motivate myself and others to be all they can be
Relevence to be real and deliver advice, help, tools and strategies that provides results
Integrity to act truthfully in all I say and do
Influence to be a positive role model and live ‘a life that counts’ and that makes a difference
Excellence to be the best I can be, to model this and to provide this to clients
Perseverence to never give up
Character to develop an honourable character. After all, character is who you are when noone’s looking !
Authentic to be true to who I am, to what I stand for, for what I believe in

What can you expect ?

Authenticity I am real, personable and approachable. I will bring a great attitude and am passionate about helping you be all you can be and live the life you dream – to inspire, motivate and coach you.
Experience Just as importantly I’m very well credentialed to do so – from experience gained through my own sporting, business and life experience (the highs and the lows); from the amazing Australians I interviewed from my book; and from the many clients I have worked with in various capacities.
Care Expect to work with someone who takes personal responsibility for your success.
Results I want results. Regardless of where you’re at, regardless of how you define success and results, regardless of what ‘season’ you are currently in. Talk is cheap – results speak for themselves.
Change Expect change. After all – if nothing changes, nothing changes !